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Security often isn’t used because it’s too difficult. Shieldox isn’t another security system, but an intelligent security layer that makes security incredibly easy and effective. Shieldox handles security for you while you get things done. With intelligent document security, smart notifications and a natural language user interface mean you can take over whenever you like.

  • // Natural language AI understands normal speech or chat
  • // Security that learns your business, managing itself while you stay productive
  • // Audit Trails, notifications and dashboard keep you in control

Audit trail for
better security
& regulations

Shieldox tracks every action on every file. In the process of keeping your organization safe, Shieldox constructs a highly detailed, verified audit trail that you can use to seamlessly maintain SOX and GDPR compliance. In addition, internal audit trails can help establish proper legal liabilities and ensure internal protocol adherence.

  • // Ensure financial and data protection regulation compliance - automatically
  • // Enhanced risk management and protocol compliance
  • // Every change tracked on every document
  • // Automatically manages the relations between any version and any copy of any document

Take control
of your

Shieldox manages user permissions, ownership and access across the organization. Control who has sharing, printing and other permissions directly with a few clicks. Manage endpoint protection and fine-tune Shieldox’s security without having to do anything yourself.

  • // File owners can alter specific settings, controlling access and other privileges
  • // See full use and sharing logs, control protection levels and monitor use
  • // Retain company control of data without constant micromanagement via DRM tools


Ransomware and other malware threat actors evade conventional antivirus by using coordinated attacks, so antivirus doesn’t have the chance to learn to recognize their malicious code. Shieldox doesn’t need to recognize a threat to protect you against it: all your files are individually encrypted so they can’t be stolen, locked or corrupted.

  • // Eliminate risk of financial and data loss
  • // Protects, even against unknown threats
  • // Automatic protection - no extra work involved


Most data leaks occur when documents are shared. Email is particularly vulnerable to ‘man in the middle’ attacks that can steal message contents and attached files, and there are no business-friendly email security options. Shieldox allows you to send sensitive files through email just like normal: hackers can’t access your file’s contents even if they successfully attack the message.

  • // Safely send attachments or cloud permissions as normal
  • // No risk to sensitive documents even if email is intercepted
  • // Secure communications inside and outside the organization

Defend against
human error

Device loss and human error cause the majority of data breaches. The solution is security that runs itself. Shieldox-protected documents on a lost device can’t be accessed even if the device’s passwords are bypassed. A document shared with the wrong person flags alerts and the process is tracked.

  • // Total document tracking means you always know who did what
  • // Modular encryption: even if a device or account is accessed, documents stay safe
  • // Smart notifications help to prevent accidental sharing of inappropriate permissions

Invoice with

Email invoices and receipts are becoming more common, but our most popular communication channel is also our most vulnerable. Security solutions exist, but customers don’t want the extra work. With Shieldox you can keep customer data safe without sacrificing convenience. Tokenized receipts and invoices are accessible only to the recipient so they can’t be hacked even if they’re intercepted.

  • // Automated tokenization doesn’t interrupt workflows
  • // Email receipts and invoices as you normal would
  • // Unauthorized users cannot access document contents
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