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Incredibly simple security

Your documents will always be protected, inside or outside the organization, on premise or on the cloud.

Autonomous PDP
Advanced AI
Backward Protection
Full Audit Trail
Autonomous Policy Decision Point

Autonomous Policy Decision Point

Shieldox knows who should see or print which documents. It uses your interactions to understand who should view, share or even print.

  • // Manages security decisions for you
  • // Grants permissions based on your behavior
  • // Automatically tracks all new documents
AI-First Security

AI-First Security

Unique A.I. automated reasoning system that is based on an abstract understanding of documents in motion through their complete life cycle.

  • // No Guessing. Shieldox knows what to do. When it isn't sure, it asks the right user the right question
  • // Adaptive policies that learn from users daily behavior
  • // Alerts you of potential security issues before they cause harm
Backward Protection

Backward Protection

All previous versions or copies of your documents are protected, wherever they are.

  • // All copies and versions are protected even if they were created in the past
  • // Security levels match automatically across copies and versions
  • // Missing or forgotten copies and versions are tracked down and protected automatically
Full Audit Trail

Full Audit Trail

Documents are tracked from the moment they're created or protected in or outside your perimeter.

  • // Always know who opened, copied or printed a document
  • // Shieldox comply with SOX and GDPR regulations without changing the way you work.
Protection from Internal or External Threats

Protection from Internal or External Threats

Shieldox tracks every action on each document and won’t allow suspicious activities.

  • // Cyber attacks protection against hacking your files
  • // Protection against human errors or data breach
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